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Aromatherapy Associates

Our facials work to determine and care for your skin’s exact needs. With their therapeutic properties, our essential oil blends deliver vital nourishment to your skin’s deepest layers, leaving it plump, clear and radiant. All facial treatments include a relaxing scalp massage and a full facial massage to reduce muscle tension and firm facial contours.




                  AGE REPAIR FACIAL                  

75 minutes, £75

An intensive treatment for ageing skin, including a unique dual layering of intensive masks, together with specific lifting, plumping and firming massage. Delivers instantly visible results. 

FOR: Excellent for mature skin that is losing firmness, those concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, or those with dull, devitalised skin. 








50 minutes, £65

If you are looking for a treatment that restores radiance and glowing skin, this is the treatment for you. Luxurious rose essential oils, long known for their rejuvenating properties, help condition and deeply nourish the skin. The result is a smooth, radiant complexion and a relaxed state of mind.


FOR: Dry, dehydrated or sun stressed skin, needing uplifting and nurturing. Excellent pre- wedding, for a party or a special occasion





               SOOTHING FACIAL        

     50 minutes, £65
A truly soothing and calming facial, suitable for irritated or inflamed skin. During the facial we will use cold stones to massage your face and around your eyes, helping to reduce redness as well as nourish, soothe and restore the skin’s natural radiance.
FOR: Those with sensitive, reactive, irritated or inflamed skin. 
           SKIN SOLUTIONS FACIAL            

50 minutes, £65

This ‘mattifying’ treatment, using lavender, tea tree and orange flower, regulates problem skin, leaving the complexion instantly bright, radiant and balanced. Perfect for those suffering from break-outs, commonly brought about by hormonal and/or environmental changes.

FOR: Those with oily, problem skin. 







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Treatment of the month


Let us refresh your spirits with an invigorating exfoliation, followed by a layering of gels and oils which will be left to absorb into the skin, while a stimulating foot massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins. Our revive blend of essential oils, renowned for their freshening and detoxifying properties, will leave you feeling fresh, alive and full of energy!

60 minutes – £65

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