Green Technology expansion Job generation and Green Awards at Swinton Park

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Green Technology expansion, Job generation and Green Awards at Swinton Park
Date: 15th May, 2007
Swinton Park has continued with its investment programme into environmentally friendly technology with the installation of an in-house laundry, which has also created three jobs at the hotel. In recognition of its commitment to reducing energy consumption and cutting emissions - with the installation of a wood chip boiler last year, the hotel and family owned estate was awarded “Best Business Initiative” at the 1st Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Awards held last month.

The new laundry has reduced the laundry mileage to zero (whilst before it was being transported three times a week to Bolton and back) and has adopted the latest technology in cutting power consumption and also reducing the use of cleaning agents. The equipment has been supplied by JHC and is their new O-Clean Ozone system which allows laundry to be cleaned at room temperature and with shorter cycle times cutting down on energy costs by up to 35%, cutting down on drying time costs by 25% and using 20% less water overall. Fewer chemicals are used in the washing process and the Ozone effect sanitises all residue.

As a result of the installation, three new jobs have been created at Swinton Park – Laundry Supervisor and two Laundry Assistants.

The Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Awards have been launched by the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly and the Energy Saving Trust to reward green energy pioneers and showcase the best small renewable energy projects in the region. As winners of the Best Business Initiative, the partnership of Swinton Park and Swinton Estate have won £1000 worth of residential courses at the Centre for Alternative Energy in Wales, where they will be able to learn about further advances in green technology.