TV Vet brings lease of life to Swinton Park's deer herd

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TV Vet brings lease of life to Swinton Park's deer herd
Date: 8th March 2004

Matt Brash, the TV presenter of the current Yorkshire Television series, Zoo Vet at Large, has recently been filming the deer herd at Swinton Park. He was helping to move the last remaining deer from Flamingo Park (the safari park on the North Yorkshire Moors), to the herd at Swinton Park, the luxury castle hotel near Masham in North Yorkshire.

The headkeeper at Flamingo Park had first tried to catch the remaining four bucks two years ago, and she has been feeding them daily since September in order to dart them with a sedative for the move. The operation all went to plan, and the deer are now familiarising themselves in their new surroundings - a little more conventional than Flamingo Park, where they spent their bachelor days surrounded by orynx, zebras and ostriches.

There has been a fallow deer herd at Swinton Park since the mid 1700’s and currently numbers up to 150. The deer can often be seen grazing in the parkland from the hotel and surrounding landscaped gardens. The new bucks are slightly larger and darker in colour, and it is hoped that they will help improve the overall condition and health of the herd.

“I am delighted to see the new bucks here at last, they are in great condition and look at home already” commented Tony Hopwood, the Forest Ranger at Swinton Estate who has responsibility for the day to day care of the herd.

The feature is due to be shown in the eighth episode of the series on Sunday 4th April at 5.45pm