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Last Minute Rates

Are you looking for a great deal for a stay at Swinton Park, over the next few weeks? 

The rates given on this page are the very best rates we can offer.

Please contact us if you would like to book.

  Knights Room BB (PP) Barons Room BB (PP) Earls Room BB (PP) Dukes Room BB (PP) Suite (from) BB (PP)
21st Oct £80.00 £107.50 £127.50 £142.50  £195.00
 22nd Oct n/a £107.50  £127.50 £142.50  £152.50 
 24th Oct £80.00 £107.50 £127.50 £142.50  £152.50 
 4th Nov £80.00  £107.50   £127.50 £142.50   £152.50
 5th Nov £80.00 £107.50  £127.50 £142.50 £152.50 
 10th Nov £80.00 £80.00 £99.50 £220.00 n/a 
 13th Nov n/a  £107.50  £127.50  £142.50  £152.50 
 18th Nov £80.00 £107.50  £127.50  £142.50 £152.50 
 19th Nov £80.00  £107.50 £127.50 £142.50 £152.50 
 24th Nov £80.00  £80.00  £99.50  £110.00 £110.00
26th Nov  £80.00 £107.50   £127.50 £142.50  £152.50
30th Nov £80.00 £80.00 £99.50  £110.00  £110.00 


B & B- Bed and Breakfast / PP – per person

Rooms and rates are subject to availability and apply to new bookings only. Rates shown are per person, per night, based two guests sharing and are inclusive of VAT, dinner must be taken in Samuels Restaurant in order to qualify for a Last Minute Rate, dinner is not included in the above rates.


Please contact the hotel to make a Last Minute reservation, as Last Minute rates are not available to book online. Last Minute rates are non-refundable and full prepayment of the room rate for each night of your stay is required at time of booking.


Don’t forget that if you want to book a stay with us a little further ahead, we also run Special Offers, Themed Packages such as Romance, Walking, Golf and Gourmet Weekends, throughout the year

Book Accommodation Online Now

Book Accommodation Online Now

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There is a definite crispness in¬†the air now,¬†heralding the arrival¬†of game, wild¬†mushrooms and other Autumnal treats. While the weather is still perfect for¬†walking, cycling and riding¬†it’s also a great time to enjoy¬†replenishing Spa treats and tempting gourmet indulgences, such as our Estate Lunch Menu – currently featuring grouse – or¬†our inspiring range of seasonal¬†cookery courses.