Swinton Park - Meet the Birds

Meet the Birds

Willow – Great Grey Owl

Willow - Great Grey Owl

Willow is the newest and youngest member of our flying team, born in summer 2014 and is proving to be a fantastic flying bird. He is a bit cheeky and clumsy – and always very vocal – so naturally is loved by all our guests.


Loki – Harris Hawk 

Loki - Harris Hawk

Loki is the first chick to ever be produced at the centre. He is really playful and adventurous, and doing really well with his training. He is currently learning how to do Hawk Walks around the estate with guests and is progressing really quickly. 


Wensley and Gary – Barn Owls

gary-and-wensley-240x180 gary-and-wensley2-240x180 

 Wensley was the first owl baby to be bred with us. She has been reared by our falconer Sophie from the second she hatched from her egg. Gary was hand reared from a week old. They are really cheeky owls and can be a bit of a handful, but they are great fliers and also trained ring-deliverers at weddings. They love people and are always very enthusiastic at flying time.


Hades – Common Buzzard

Hades - Common Buzzard

Hades is a fairly new addition to the centre and is so far a little shy. Buzzards are mainly scavengers in the wild and can often be seen soaring, or occasionally sitting near roadsides, looking for any roadkill. (Photo credit – Ken Hadfield)


Phantom – Snowy Owl 

Phantom - Snowy Owl

Phantom is very well adapted for hunting in the snow and on a snowy day at Swinton Park looks truly amazing. He can withstand temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius. Phantom is very good at deciding when it is time for him to go back in after flying and will often be waiting in his aviary while our falconer Sophie is hoping to get him out again to do a little more flying first! (Photo credit – Jed Wee)


Ellie – European Eagle Owl 

Ellie - European Eagle Owl

Ellie originally came to us from a council estate and was in really poor condition when she first arrived. However, after many years of hard work and rehabilitation, she is now a fantastic flying bird and due to her huge size (6.5lbs) always wows our guests.


Shikari – Steppe Eagle

Shikari - Russian Steppe Eagle

Although Shikari is kept offsite she is definitely a huge part of the team. She is the largest bird at the centre and weighs around 8lb 5oz and has roughly a two meter wingspan. Guests can have the chance to handle her on an Eagle Encounter. (Photo credit – Jed Wee)


Leo – Long Eared Owl

Leo - Long Eared Owl

Leo has been at Swinton Park since he was 5 weeks old. Long eared owls are known for being shy, however Leo is anything but …he loves everyone! He is really noisy and his call sounds like a rusty door hinges swinging backwards and forwards. (Photo credit – Ken Hadfield)


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