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Press Reviews

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New Look Kitchen for the Cookery School

We are very excited to be working with Gaggenau, who recently fitted out the kitchen with their latest, state-of-the-art appliances. Not only are there new fridges, ovens and hobs – both gas and induction – but also two new islands, to create 6 work stations where up to 12 guests can work singly or in pairs. It will mean much more space for everyone to get involved in more hands-on cooking. We also have a new soft seating area, with a fabulous Gaggenau coffee machine, for relaxing before and after cookery courses and Chef’s Tables.

Cookery School Special Accommodation Rate


Terms: Applies to new bookings only, for up to two guests sharing a room, when both attending a cookery class of one day or longer. Maximum of two consecutive nights. Non cooking partners charged £50.

Chef’s Table – Demonstration Dining

Steve is also be running a new range of Chef’s Table dinners – where you can watch Steve prepare a themed gourmet dinner menu, while you relax in the informal surroundings of the Cookery School Demonstration Kitchen. Our restaurant team select a flight of wine to accompany each menu, enhancing a unique dining experience.

Indian Cookery Masterclass

If you haven’t been to one of Prett Tedjura ‘s fabulous one day Indian Cookery Masterclasses, then book now before you miss out.

Please see our 2014/5 events calendar for a full list dates for cookery courses and demonstration dining events.

Moroccan-Spiced Chicken with Butternut Squash


Here is a simple, but delicious seasonal recipe – which can be made in advance so ideal for winter parties, or heating up to provide a tasty family meal after a day out. Equally delicious as a vegetarian option – just replace the chicken with more butternut squash, or vegetables of your choice.


Moroccan-Spiced Chicken with Butternut Squash

Serves 4


4 Chicken legs

6g Spice mix (½ tsp ground anise, 1 tsp ground turmeric, 1 pinch
cayenne pepper, ½ tsp ground cardamom, ½ tsp ground
coriander seeds, ½ tsp ground cumin, ½ tsp ground black

4g Ginger, fresh, finely chopped

1 Stick cinnamon, broken in half

40ml Olive oil

1 Onion, finely chopped

300g Butternut squash, peeled & cut into 3cm pieces

2 sticks Celery, cut into 1cm pieces

1 Carrot, cut in half lengthways & sliced on slant 1cm thick

10g Gram flour

60g Tomato purée

1litre Water

300g Chick peas, cooked

5g Sea salt

2 tbsp Lemon juice

1 small handful Coriander, chopped



Preparing the chicken

Divide the chicken leg at the joint. Mix the chicken with the spices and 20g of olive oil and coat well, cover with cling film and marinate in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cooking the chicken

On a high heat in a large ovenproof casserole, colour the chicken pieces in a little olive oil for 5 minutesremove the chicken from the casserole and reserve. Add the onions, butternut squash, carrots & celery and sauté for 4 minutes then stir in the tomato puree & the gram flour. Return the chicken pieces to the pan pour in the water and add the salt. Bring to simmering point, cover with a lid and place the baking oven for 25 minutes.

In the oven, the liquid should not boil but should cook with just one or two bubbles barely breaking the surface. The chicken will then be tender and succulent.

When the chicken is cooked, finish the juices with the lemon juice, taste and adjust the seasoning, if required. Serve in a large dish with coriander sprinkled over the top and yoghurt.


Guest Reviews

Guest reviews are listed by course title and date, with the most recent first.


Cooking with Star Quality – Two Day Course

To say I was impressed by the cookery course is a huge understatement! I attended Steve Bulmer’s French cuisine: cooking with star quality, and I was blown away by the quality of the recipes, what I learnt, how much we got through and the high standard of the tutoring. I’ve always been a passionate cook, but came away with renewed vigour to take my cooking to the next level. I couldn’t recommend a course highly enough!

Chris, March 2015

Northern Italian – One Day Course

I went on this course with a friend in January and we both absolutely loved it. We both said it was the best thing we had done in ages. Chef Steve Bulmer, who runs the school, strikes a perfect balance between teaching and hands on experience. He is highly entertaining and provides a constant stream of informative, interesting anecdotes. As a reasonably experienced amateur cook I found that I learnt a lot of new techniques, different combinations of ingredients and tips on preserving food/planning ahead to save time. We also got to eat about 6 courses of delicious food cooked either by ourselves or in combination with Steve (some of the ingredients/fillings have to be pre-prepped due to time constraints – we covered a LOT of ground!).

Although I went with a friend, I think you could also go on your own and still have a great time. The atmosphere is very friendly and sociable, so you getting chatting to others throughout the day. I am now planning my next course as I can’t wait to go back – loved it!

Jane L, January 2015


Bread Making – One Day, Deerhouse Cook & Lunch; Southern Italian Cookery – One Day

Thank you for three wonderful days, even better than I had imagined and certainly worth driving all that way. Each day was full of activity and interest, seamlessly planned to keep us all alert and enable us to be successful. Even the shyest felt comfortable demonstrating, you have a knack for using humour to good effect. I came home with great confidence and lots of new skills. I’ve really enjoyed replicating your ideas and adapting them. The dough in the fridge works so well, there’s a dish of drying rinds on the windowsill and my pesto is now properly green, but that’s only a part of it – I often think “How would Steve do this?” A visitor from Rome was repeatedly impressed, so the Southern Italian and bread making courses have already borne fruit publicly, but David and the rest of the family are enthusiastic beneficiaries too.

The other bonus was visiting such a beautiful area. I come from a Lister farming family in Wharfedale which we know well, but David and I revelled in exploring this new area of stunning scenery and excellent pubs, some of it enjoyed on our yellow tandem after the three gourmet lunches.

Your enthusiasm and encouragement makes you just the right person to run cookery courses, and the addition of discreet efficient helpers made the days flow so well. They obviously enjoy it too. I’ll be back.

Mrs E Livingstone, July 2014


Southern Italian Cookery – One Day

Thank you for a wonderful day on Sunday. Stuart is away this evening so I have been banned from making the chocolate torte until he gets back tomorrow. However I have got my tomato essence on the go and since that means I have had to harvest some of the fennel we are having fennel salad too (you may spot the red onion as I had no shallots…. hope that doesn’t get me a detention.) Weirdly I had already planned on making tomato risotto tomorrow and then arancini the following night…. so now I have the wherewithal marinating in my fridge!

Everything you could want from a cookery course and more. I can’t believe how much we fitted in to a single day. Enormous fun, lots of laughter and excellent tuition with lots of tips and ideas. I’ve already recreated some of the dishes and I’ve only been home one day. Takes the cookery course to a whole other level. Stephen is not only a supremely talented chef he is also an excellent, engaging teacher and huge fun. A day to remember.

Mrs G Smellie, July 2014




Atlantic Fish Cookery – One Day

As I briefly sit down between marinating mackerel and then filleting some sole for supper tonight, I wanted to write and thank you for an excellent day last week.

We both came away very tired, but with heads bursting with enthusiasm. I was amazed at how much ground you covered and all the little side tips like preserving wild spring edibles like garlic and nettles. So thank you and to the courageous Michael. ( I missed not having him with me this evening!)

Meanwhile armed with a new filleting knife I move bravely onwards. Again, a great day, so much learned and yet still to learn!

Mr B Noble, April 2014


Northern Italian Cookery – One Day

Thank you for the Italian course. I feel as if I’ve not only learned a great deal about Italian cooking but have had my eyes opened about a whole new concept of cooking. Thank you so much – it has been a very worthwhile couple of days!

Mrs A Watts, April 2014


Cookery for Beginners – One Day

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic day at the Swinton Park Cookery School! Your Cookery for Beginners course was superb as you made the experience of cooking a wide variety of dishes both fun as well as informative. You certainly have an energy and a passion for cooking! And I will always remember how you politely told me that the wishbone was at the other end of the chicken!

I will certainly be back and hopefully bring my wife and friends along as well. Wishing you every success for the future with the cookery school.

Mr D Bailey, March 2014


Fish Cookery: Atlantic – One Day

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday. I absolutely loved the course and learned so much. Never in a million years did I think I could chop the head of a fish! I didn’t even flinch!

As a trainer myself, I can see why you have turned your hand to teaching others – you obviously get a buzz out of it and are very good. Mike was a treasure too.

I’d be interested in any tips/ideas/recipes for other sauces etc to go with fish. As I don’t eat meat, fish is my staple diet and I can get bored.

I hope to return to another course in the future. In the meantime, if you ever need another assistant let me know!

Mrs A Harkess, March 2014


Fish Cookery: Atlantic – One Day and French Cookery – Half Day

I just wanted to say thank you for two excellent days at the school (Friday and yesterday). I particularly wanted to do a fish course because (like many people apparently!) I was scared of fish. Whilst I would happily order a fish course in a restaurant (although meat was always my first choice) I had no idea how to cook it and subsequently bought it (usually at a supermarket) and then threw it away as I bottled out! Anyway I am determined now to give it a go on a regular basis and embed fish cooking in my repertoire. Where I live we do have a fish stall at our Tuesday market so I guess that will be my starting point.

I am looking forward to doing more courses with you in the future, maybe a lunch club too and perhaps bringing the husband along for one of your chef’s table events! Thanks once again for a very informative and entertaining two days.

Mrs L Snow, March 2014


French Cookery – Half Day

Just to say thank you for a great day yesterday, at the French Cookery Course. Howard and I really enjoyed it and came away with far more knowledge about cooking (and singing!!!!). You made it look so easy and it gave us chance to do things with your expertise at hand. Thank you also to Mick and Rob for their help.We wish you luck in the future.

Mr & Mrs Lamb, March 2014


Cooking with Star Quality – One Day

Attended the cookery school on Sunday for the cooking with star quality and really enjoyed it and will definitely come again.

Mr I Halsall, February 2014


Professional Development Course – Five Days

Working with Stephen Bulmer is like working with” an infectiously enthusiastic whirlwind”.

The course was challenging and inspiring with lots of shortcuts and masses of quick tips – freezing, bulk cooking and equipment saving techniques.

We learnt about cooking with game, shellfish, learning bread techniques, use of pestos and oils, running a restaurant and watching the pennies and stretching it and so much more! A great tip I learnt was about boiled potatoes and how you can prepare them a day in advance and leave them in water and vinegar and how it is ok to leave your bread dough in a fridge overnight and use it as required.

It was also a great reminder of all the basics that I had forgotten like Collagen breaking up at 84C -> 86C; butter to cold pan and oil to hot; that the best casseroles only have ¼ vegetables to ¾ meat and big chunks of meat etc!

Steve also showed us some great portioning and ‘plating off’ techniques and how to learn to do things without machines….the traditional way ……with NO Kenwood mixer!!! I had very strong forearms after my bread making day!

In summary the course was jam packed with wonderful recipes and techniques and I have come away so much more confident and utilising so many more ingredients and off cuts that I may not have used or thrown away in the past.

My personal objective for this course was to be ‘pushed outside of my comfort zone’ and I must say Stephen certainly did this….of which I am absolutely delighted!

I’ll be back for Round 2 soon…

Mrs D Wallen, January 2014


Professional Development Course – Five Days

I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent week at your cookery school. I thought that the course was very well planned, extremely well prepared and brilliantly executed. The hard work behind the scenes at the beginning and end of each day did not go unnoticed and your enthusiasm, drive and enjoyment made the days go very quickly.

Heather and I started as enthusiastic home cooks and ended as inspired, more accomplished (and dare I say it) more intrepid cooks. I shall hold the file we worked through dear and look back over the week with fond memories.

Ms L Gaskin, January 2014


Professional Development Course – Two Days

I have been fortunate enough to attend courses delivered by both Rosemary and Steve at Swinton Park and am pleased to say that the school goes from strength to strength.

Steve’s program showcased some fabulous local seasonal produce and was thoughtfully designed to develop both technique and culinary skill.

The course was well structured with some great recipes supplemented by Steve’s experiences, twists, tips and practical advice.

All this in conjunction with delivery at a pace which kept everyone engaged (whilst feverishly note-taking) and inspired – the fruits of our labour providing a taster of further things to come.

Mr P Johnston, January 2014


Christmas in a Box

On behalf of Anna and myself I would like to express my thanks to you and the team for making it such a good day. From not knowing what to expect when we arrived you cleverly unveiled an excellent day of both learning and fun. You managed to coach us through the steps with ease and ensured we understood the skills needed to recreate the experience at home.

It is a certainty that we will attend more of your courses in the future.

Mr N Court, December 2013


Aga Festive One Day Course

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks a million for Friday. Shame about the power cut, but very, very helpful and insightful. Well impressed with Mike’s masterclass in bird prep. I think it showed balls to drop everything and show off his skills so ably and to keep up a commentary while he did so. I’m in the midst of rustling up a gooseberry and elderflower parfait. I had a freezer drawer full of gooseberries with no inkling what to do with them before my day at Swinton. So thanks again for a great day and look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Mr S Colleton, December 2013


Game Cookery Day Course

A belated thank you for a great day. We had great fun and learned loads on the game cookery course you ran a couple of weeks ago.

Your style of teaching is great, with your added sense of fun it really made the day. We have tried our new techniques and a few of the dishes, venison casserole is a winner.

J & P Forster-Jones, November 2013


Meat & Poultry Day Course

I joined your Meat & Poultry cookery course on Friday 13th September this year as a 50th birthday gift and turned up not really knowing what to expect. I have always enjoyed cooking on a fairly basic level at home, receiving numerous plaudits from my family for being able to turn leftovers into tasty delights. This course was a real step up for me and when I first walked into your kitchen I was a little concerned that I may well stand out in a crowd! Well I had no need to worry. Your relaxed manner, interjected with an element of 80’s music and a wicked sense of humour, soon put me at ease.

The whole day was based around meat preparation and the clever use of herbs, spices and various accompaniments to produce meals anyone would be proud of. You added in various tips and experiences from your cookery past that have already proved invaluable. Your stories and experiences were full of culinary wonders and even stark warnings of how hard it can be to forge out a career in the world you now thrive in. Even the simplest of recipes, to make the best mashed potato you have ever tasted, have transformed my Sunday lunches into a meal to be remembered. I’d never heard of things such as Polenta but now I have changed our whole weekly menu and items such as this have made very mundane meals spring to life. I think one of the most impressive things I saw on the day was the use of trimmings, peelings and offcuts that I would simply throw away, turned into one of the tastiest stocks I have ever sampled. And guess what? I also followed up on your amazing bavette goose skirt onglet, probably one of the most mouth watering economical cuts of meat you will ever encounter in a lifetime.

I have never stopped talking about the wonderful day I spent in your amazing world at Swinton Park. Your kitchen “workshop” was superbly equipped and the ingredients used on the day were a league apart from the usual supermarket products that adorn many of our fridges and larders. I tell all my old friends and new that they should visit for themselves. If I had to sum up the day in one short sentence it would be – “An amazing Karaoke cookery delight, not to be missed and always to be repeated!”

Mr M Bone, September 2013


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The Kitchen Gossip

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Add some new dishes to your recipe repertoire this Spring! We have some great courses coming up, including Tapas Temptations and Classic Fish Dishes. Click here for the Cookery School Calendar.

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