Fish and Shellfish – Far Eastern Fish Dishes

Fish and Shellfish – Far Eastern Fish Dishes

Duration: One Day
Theme: Far Eastern; Fish & Shellfish
Level: Intermediate
Price: £160 weekends, £140 mid-week

Saturday 30th July fully booked!

We run a series of three Fish & Shellfish courses – Atlantic, Mediterranean and Far Eastern – each of which will cover key techniques for filleting fish and breaking down shellfish in preparation for a range of delicious, healthy dishes from that region.

Fish & Shellfish Dishes from the Far East

Authentic and aromatic recipes, redolent with the spices and flavourings of Thailand, India and Japan.

Dishes on this course typically include:

Fish Green Thai Curry

Pad Thai Salad with Prawns

Tempura of Salmon wrapped in Nori Seaweed

Goan Fish Patties with Tamarind

Escabeche of Fish & Vegetables with Asian spices

Nage of Fish & Shellfish, Lime and Coriander

Techniques covered in this course include:

  • Fish filleting and preparation of shellfish
  • Making of a fish stock
  • Preparation of tempura batter, frying techniques, how to keep batter light and fried items crisp
  • Various cooking methods for fish and shellfish
  • Thai curry mix, explaining authentic balancing of flavours
  • Explanation of specialist ingredients and their preparation
  • Goan spice mix and alternative variations

The above dishes are representative of the recipes taught on this cookery course. However, Swinton Park Cookery School reserve the right to change any or all of these dishes, as circumstances require.

Course Dates

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Tel: 01765 680969

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