Barbecue Cookery

Barbecue Cookery

Chef: Stephen Bulmer
Duration: One Day
Theme: Barbecue Cookery
Level: Intermediate
Price: £130

Start the day in the cookery school learning about marinades, rubs and other preparation methods before moving outside to learn a variety of barbecue techniques on both gas and charcoal grills as you cook a delicious alfresco feast.

The course includes key techniques for getting the heat at the right temperature, using hotter and cooler areas of the barbecue, how stop food sticking and how to tell when food is cooked.

Dishes on this course typically include:

Merguez with Cous Cous and Spiced Yoghurt

Plain Grilled Steak

Plain Grilled Whole Fish

Grilled Pork with Basil &Parsley Stuffing,

Sardines with Tamarind Rice

Squid with Tomato Salsa

Marbled Brownies

The above are representative of the style of recipes taught on this cookery course. However, Swinton Park Cookery School reserve the right to change any or all of these dishes, as circumstances require.

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